Monday, August 03, 2009

The Disgraceful Tithing Lie

How to Lie about Tithing by Changing the Definition.

Although money occurs 44 times before the biblical tithe occurs in Leviticus and 32 times in Genesis, money is never included as a tithe-able item in the Bible. The doctrine of tithing from income is a lie promoted to enrich the modern church. Whereas the OT poor received the tithe, the NT poor are cursed if they cannot give ten per cent even from welfare checks. God's hand of blessing will not stay on those who abuse his poor in such a manner.

1. Lev 27:30 tithe of the land, or the tree
2. Lev 27:32 tithe of the clean animals
3. Num 18:27 grain, wine
4. Num 18:30 grain, wine
5. Num 18:31 eat the tithe
6. Deut 12:17 eat grain, wine, oil
7. Deut 14:22 tithe increase of seed
8. Deut 14:23 eat tithe of grain, wine, oil
9. Deut 26:12 eat the tithe increase
10. 2 Chron 31:5 brought tithe to food storehouses
11. 2 Chron 31:6 tithe of animals
12. Neh 10:37 tithes of the ground
13. Neh 13:5 tithes of grain, wine, oil
14. Mal 3:10 tithes; food in my house
15. Mal 3:11 fruit of ground and vine
16. Matt 23:23 garden herbs and spices
17. Luke 11: 42 garden herbs and spices

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