Friday, March 30, 2012



When it comes to equating tithing with firstfruits, John Hagee is a biblical moron. Hagee has either never bothered to look up the words “firstfruit, firstfruits” in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, or else he knows the truth and deliberately lies about it.

Watch “John Hagee – God’s Law of Prosperity and Tithing” at He plainly states “God requires your giving to be the firstfruits. God’s gets this if nobody else gets theirs.”


(1) “Firstfruits, firstfruit” and “tithes, tithe” are never the same thing in God’s Word. Look it up for yourself and be reconciled with the truth.

(2) “Firstfruts” were always only a very small token offering given before the full harvest and before the full harvest. That the difference between the word “first” and “tenth.”

(3) “Firstfruits” were carried in a small basket per Deut 26:1-4. That cannot possibly be said of tithes.

(4) Like tithes, legitimate biblical HOLY firstfrutis could only come from FOOD from inside God’s HOLY land of Israel. Do your homework. You have been lied to.

(5) Like the 2nd tithe of one per cent given by the Levites to the priests, firstfruits were the BEST off God’s holy land. (Lev 27:30-34). The tithe was NOT the BEST.

(6) Like the tithe, only Hebrew food producers who lived inside Israel qualified as tithe-payers. Those Hebrews whose livelihood came from their own hands, Hebrews who lived outside Israel, and Gentiles could not tithe or give firstfruits. They could give sacrificial freewill offerings.

(7) Hagee said “God’s gets this if nobody else gets theirs.” THIS IS CRUEL AND WRONG. God does not expect the poor to give tithes first and do without essential food and medicine for their families peer 2nd Timothy 5:8.

(8) There is not a single thing taught by the Church today about tithing which is biblical. I challenge any responder to dialog with me.


G. Casey said...

Is anybody aware that Hagee owns almost 5000 acres of land?

G. Casey said...

Has anybody contacted you to debate you on tithing at all in in Southern Baptist churches or are they still blackballing you Russell?

Tommy said...

After Hagee declared that Jesus never actually came to be Messiah I stopped listening to him.

He preaches another Jesus and not the Jesus of the bible.

Marja Pimentel said...

To be honest, this posting has not gotten it together either. The teaching of the firstfruit[s] in the Bible is not a teaching for the Israel of the Flesh, it is for the Israel of God, all believers in Christ [Rom 9:6-7]; it is not in regards to anything material, is in regards to people.
This teaching is a mystery so profound that almost no church teaches it, not because people cannot understand it but because people are listening to people and not to the Word of God.
The firdtfruit[s] are mentioned in the Bible in regards to people in many places [Rev 20:4-6; Rev 14:1-5; James 1:18; Ro 11:16 and in 1 Cor 15:20 the order of the resurrection [people] says "Christ [1], the firstfruits [2] and then those who are in Christ at his coming [3]", here we see 3 separate events in their order.
In the Old Testament, the firtstfruits were a -symbol- of who would be offered directly to God in the harvest of souls [a smaller amount], the firstfruits are those who reign with Christ, in the book of Revelation these are the ones that are given "the faculty of judgment" in Rev 20:4-6,judgment over rest of the harvest, the ones resurrected later in Rev 20:11-15, these are "the nations that were saved" in Rev 21:24-26, the multitude with white ropes in Rev 7:13-17; ,these are reigned over by the firstfruits who come down from heaven with Christ.
This teaching totally contradicts what the churches teach that "we will ALL reign with Christ".
I have PLENTY of Scriptures that shows the "firstfruit" teaching very clearly.
Look this word in a concordance and you might not need explanations once you read the passages.

Marja Pimentel said...

"The firstfruits are those who reign with Christ" see Rev 20:4-6 where it says it twice, one in past tense the other in future tense, meaning the ---have been reigning in heaven--- [ e.i Moses and Elijah came from heaven in the mount of transfiguration] AND ---they will be reigning--- over the New earth.

Julian Steward said...

Matthew 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.