Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reply to Wisdom2Money.Blog

W2M: In Malachi 3:10, God instructs His people to bring all of the tithe, which in hebrew means the tenth, of all their earnings, firstfruits, or increase into the storehouse (i.e. the church, ministry, to the Lord).
REK: (1) The true HOLY biblical tithe was always only food from inside God’s HOLY land of Israel which He had miraculously increased. Tithes could not come from what man increased, from Gentiles or from outside Israel. (2) Tithes were tenth-fruits after the full harvest could be counted. Tithes were never the same as firstfruits. Firstfruits were very small token offerings. (3) The NT church is never called a storehouse. It did not even have its own legal buildings until after AD325.
W2M: As a result, of acting out of obedience by placing God first by bringing the initial 10% to Him and thus keeping the remaining 90% for their basic necessities of everyday life, that He would in turn “pour out a blessing that they would not have room enough to receive.”
REK: (1) Abram gave his 90% to the King of Sodom and that is not an example of faith for us to follow. (2) First Timothy 5:8 commands Christians to buy basic necessities such as medicine, food and essential shelter first –before church offerings. (3) Gentiles and Christians never were under the law. The Law, including Malachi, was only commanded to Old Covenant Israel which was commaned NOT to share it with Gentiles. (4) The blessings of the Law could only be expected after obedience to all 600+ commands per Deut 27:26 and Gal 3:10.
W2M: “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes…(Mal 3:11).
REK: This proves that the tithe was still only food from inside Israel over 1000 years later. Jesus removed the curse of the Law in Gal 3:10-13.
W2M: Deuteronomy 8:18; 28:1-2
REK: Try teaching this in the context of ALL of Deu 28-30. It does not apply to the New Covenant.