Thursday, September 02, 2010

Glenn Beck: tithing, conservative, mainstream?

Tithes, conservative and mainstream:

Today, September 2, 2010, Glenn Beck said that he was “conservative.”

To a Protestant theologian the word “conservative” means that you accept the Bible as the final word of authority. Mormons are not conservatives. They accept the Book of Mormon, other Mormon writings and current Mormon leaders as greater revelations and prophets of God than the Bible.

Today Glenn Beck criticized Obama for not being “mainstream” because the “liberation theology” of Jeremiah Wright is not mainstream.

Neither “liberation theology” nor “Mormon theology” is “mainstream” – especially Mormon theology. Mormons teach that God the Father used to be a man and that Mormon men will become gods with their own worlds to be God in. Mormons teach that God’s wife spawned everybody on earth and that Glenn Beck’s Mormon wife will eventually be eternally pregnant spawning mankind on another planet.

Mainstream anybody?

And, o yes, Mormon tithing is more accurate than regular tithing because they correctly perpetuate the Aaronic priesthood and biblically deserve the tithe.

I love Glenn Beck and listen to him and watch him daily. But my caution flag is always up. Last week he introduced the first of his advanced Indian civilizations which are taught in the Book of Mormon.


Anonymous said...

Could you imagine the uproar from Mormons and Conservative supporters, if Obama declared marshal law and destroyed Fox News, because Glen Beck words made it a public nuisance?

No doubt there would be calls for Obama’s impeachment for him violating his duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Why am I fabricating this scenario? The founder of the LDS movement, Joseph Smith Jr, did just this! Yet, Mormons believes he was following God’s calling.

The Nauvoo Expositor was a newspaper in Nauvoo, Illinois that published only one issue, which was dated June 7, 1844. Its publication set off a chain of events that led to the assassination of Latter Day Saint movement founder, Joseph Smith, Jr.. The Expositor was founded by several disaffected associates of Smith, Jr., some of whom claimed that Smith had attempted to seduce their wives in the name of plural marriage.[1]
The bulk of the Expositor's single issue was devoted to criticism of Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement and the mayor of Nauvoo. After two days of consultation, Smith and the Nauvoo city council voted on June 10, 1844 to declare the paper a public nuisance, and ordered the paper's printing press destroyed.

Russell Earl Kelly said...

Imagine a Mormon making fun of a United Church of Christ minister for calling himself MAINSTREAM.

As much as I dislike Jeremiah Wright's Liberation Theology, it is much closer to MINASTREAM than Mormon theology.

Josh said...

Even better Rob, Can you imagine if fighting between religionist caused citizens to openly threaten Baptists with violenc if they voted. Or since your talking about unconstitutional political acts, wouldn't it be a kicker if a Governer, say, Rick Perry, signed an executive order to exterminate, to literaly make it legal to shoot a Baptist in the head, to literally kill every Baptist man woman and child. Something like that would NEVER happen in America so 'why am I fabricating this scenario?' Because Governer Wade Boggs did just this!...Missouri Executive Order 44 made it legal up until 1976 to kill a Mormon. Mormons were "legally" driven from there homes, their lands were seized, many were killed. There were constant plots to murder Joseph Smith and other Church Authorities finally resulting in his and his brothers murder on June 27th 1844 as they sat in jail awaiting trial.
Your shocking post about the Nauvoo City Councils decision to destroy a printing press that was deemed to be "a public nuisance designed to promote violence against Smith and his followers." (,_Jr.) is almost laughable concidering the fact that an extermination order, a legal assassination order if you will, had been in affect for nearly six years.