Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Russell Kelly Rebuts Ronnie Floyd on Tithing

Errors in Ronnie Floyd’s Article on Tithing, 9-15-15
By Russell Earl Kelly, PH

1. He gives zero Bible texts. This is wrong.

2. He defines tithes wrong. While money was common, HOLY tithes (as the word is used by Moses, Nehemiah, Malachi and Jesus) were always only food from inside God’s holy land. It could not come from outside Israel, from Gentiles, or from non-food items (Lev 27:30-34; Num 18:20-28; Mal 3:10; Mt 23:23)

3. He says tithing is not taboo. Yet openly discussing tithing is a taboo subject inside SBC schools and churches. Proof: Floyd and other pastor will not enter comprehensive extended dialogs. It is only a bully-pulpit subject.

4. He says that tithing is a “very important part of the Christian life.” Yet, The SBC Faith and Messasge does not contain the word and there are no tithing commands to the church after Calvary.

5. He says that generosity is the amount beyond the first tenth. The post-Calvary grace and faith giving principles for the church include sacrificial and generous giving (2 Cor 8, 9).

6. He says that greed is practiced by non-tithers. Yet greed is evident when so-called tithe recipients also own property and amass wealth contrary to O.T. tithing principles (Num 18:20-28).

7. He equates firstfruits with tithes. However, firstfruits are never the same thing as tithes in the Bible. Firstfruits were small token offerings while tithes were last-tenths counted only the full count of food and animals (Deut 26:1-4; Lev 27:30-34).

8. He says that tithing is for everybody, but HOLY biblical tithes could only be given by food producers inside Israel. Jesus, Peter and Paul did not qualify as tithe-payers.

For 4 views see: Perspectives on Tithing, 4 Views, Broadman and Holman

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