Wednesday, January 06, 2010


AC: … in Genesis 14 He dealt with humanity’s selfishness.

Kelly: Context. Abraham gave 100% back. Are we to do that?

AC: Abraham’s worship of God with ten percent of his revenue showed that he acknowledged his financial responsibility before God and knew that God, in turn, would take care of his needs.

Kelly: You are making this up. It is not in the Bible. He could also have been forced to give because of Canaanite tradition which required tithes from spoils of war to one's king-priest.

AC: By refusing the king of Sodom’s reward (Genesis 14:21-23), Abraham rejected the world’s system.

Kelly: By Canaanite law Abraham could have kept the 90%. The king of Sodom was asking him to be gracious.

AC: Tithing was a sign of Abraham’s covenant with God.

Kelly: No. No. No. No. No. Circumcision was. You are making things up again. See Gen 17.

AC: God reciprocated and pledged all His assets to Abraham, even unto the fourth generation (Genesis 15:14-16).

Kelly: No. No. No. Genesis 15:6 says that God did that because of Abraham's faith, not because he tithed.

AC: Want to be blessed? Be a tither!

Kelly: Want to be blessed? Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, be born again, be filled with the indwelling Holy Spirit and obey God to the best of your ability because you are now a new creation in Christ and want to obey.

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