Friday, January 15, 2010

Reply to SBC Today Blog, 1-15-2010

Tim Guthrie: First, our friend Russell Kelly is a man with a grudge against several that I will not allow to steal this series with his error and obvious contention.

Today, 1-15-2010 Mr. Tim Guthrie used the SBC Today blog to accuse me. I entreat anybody who really wants to know the truth to read over all of the posts on tithing and list the attacks he has made towards me. The truth is evident.

Do I have an agenda? Yes, like any Reformer I want to open up a dialog with all today's denominations about tithing.

Does Mr.Guthrie have an agenda? Please read the Southern Baptist Position Paper on tithing at His agenda is to defend the Position Paper. It is like Seventh-day Adventists not being able to disagree with Ellen G White. Just see his attitude behind his remarks.

Tim to Brumbelow: concerning Genesis 14:20 "Our friend Dr. Kelly has not nor do I think will deal with that verse or others like it."

Tim to Anon: You are correct. You are correct. The issue with New Covenant theology as being promoted by a few these days is that they approach the Bible for what they can get away with instead of saying "I love God and I want to honor Him..."!

Tim: If one takes his approach then one might as well tear out the Old Testament. The NC movement as he and a few others are claiming it to be sure do miss much from the precious Word of Lord.

Tim to Anon: You are correct. I find it odd that some desire to water down and change even scripture to justify not tithing which in turns cheapens GRACE.

Russ: Now, please show me where my disparaging remarks are found in the dialog? I encourage full extended dialog which does not delete questions and explanations which are difficult to accept.

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Tim G said...

I had never heard of the paper you mention that I am supposedly defending. These types of comments are why I know that you speak of what you know nothing about. You do not know me and you do not know what I am doing and why or how. You are not a reformer. You are ...I am not really sure what you are.

So sorry, but you really need to let this stuff go.