Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doctor Johnny Hunt's Doctoral Degree is Honorary

According to the following article on the SBC web site "Doctor" Johnny Hunt has an earned B. A. in Religion from Gardner-Webb in 1979 and an earned M. Div. from SEBTS in 1981. How did he get a M.Div in two years?

He has HONORARY degrees from two schools like my own which are not fully accredited:

Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary of Sharpsburg, Georgia

Doctor of Sacred Laws and Letters from Covington Theological Seminary

Doctor of Divinity at Tennessee Temple University

This makes his own DOCTORAL credentials even less real than my own earned degree! Yet the SBC makes fun of Covington while allowing one of its own presidents like Hunt to call himself "DOCTOR" with only honorary degrees. What a sham!

And more, Jerry Vines, Charles Stanley, Walter MarTin and Spiros Zodhiates all got their degrees from schools which were not accredited at the time.

How does the US government accredit a religious school? Is the theology from BYU (Mormon) and Notre Dame (Catholic) correct because they are accredited schools?

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