Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reply to CWM, 3-20; 8 PM

Russ: We cannot always do both. [i.e. give first to your and also give first to meet family essentials] You have gone far beyond a defense of tithing and have made yourself sound “worse than the infidels.”

CWM: You can always do both. (I’m speaking from a standpoint of lifestyle practice, and not a momentary event) You’re attempt to circumstantially place someone in the permanent position of choosing one or the other is a straw man argument.

Russ: Are you arguing about freewill giving or mandatory tithing? Earlier you wrote that you neither agreed with me nor disagreed with me. I am still waiting for your to commit on one position or the other.

CWM: That is exactly the opposite of the Pharisees saying, “It is a gift” as an excuse to not care for their aging parents.

Russ: Now that you mention it, I have an article which states exactly that – The Pharisees said “Corbin", “It is a gift” as an excuse to not care for their aging parents.” Yes, those who teach tithe-paying as a firstfruit are very guilty of that sin.

CWM: You are saying, “I have aging parents” as an excuse to not be a giver.

Russ: “Having aging parents” is not an “excuse” not to give to the church first – it is an OBLIGATION –otherwise you are worse than the heathen. That is what Paul wrote.

CWM: We are to Honor the Lord with the first of our increase, AND Honor our Father and Mother in care of them at the same time. – They are not mutually exclusive to one another.

Russ: You can only spend the same dollar in one place! Again, Mt 25:45 says “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” Caring for your desperate parents IS honoring God. That is part of the Ten Commandments brought over into the New Covenant.

CWM: Again, I say, you do not have to survive. The only thing that you and I have to do is die. We do not have to live.

Russ: So you would rather die first than take care of your destitute mother first. Just be a good little tithe-paying firstfruit-giving Christian and let somebody else take care of your mother. You sound more foolish with every breath.

CWM: The fact is that the “tenth is holy unto the Lord.” and Holiness does not change.

Russ: Finally, a test to discuss. Do this: (1) Obtain an exhaustive concordance such as Strong's. (2) Look up everything in Leviticus which is called either “holy” or “most holy.” (3) Determine how many of those “holy” and “most holy” things which have not changed in your worship ritual. (4) Then make the above statement again – “The fact is that the “tenth is holy unto the Lord.” and Holiness does not change.”

Did God’s covenant change? Did God’s sacrifice change? Did God’s priesthood change? Did God’s temple change? Did God’s focal people change? Did the unclean food laws change? Did the multiple-marriage laws change? Did the seventh-day-holy Sabbath change?

Oh, but, excuse all of us –only the TITHE did not change!!! Hypocrisy!
If the tithe did not change then you should still obey the UN-changing tithe statute of Numbers 18. (1) Why is the tithe not still only food from inside Israel? Who “changed” the definition? (2) Why don’t tithe-recipients still live without owning property or inheriting property? Who “changed” that to allow you to own property? (3) Why don’t gospel workers KILL anybody who dares enter the sanctuary and worship God directly? Who “changed” that statute?

Do you see what happens when you actually introduce a text into the discussion? It bounces back at you because your use is out of context.

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