Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reply to CWM; 3-21 9AM

CWM: I do appreciate debate, but your responses are degenerating into sarcasm that is unbecoming of you.

Kelly: Have you noticed how I debate? I take your own words and use them against your argument. That is how best debate works. If I sound sarcastic, it is because you have first opened the door. I was taught debate in college.

CWM: I have said and maintain in every article that I have written that there is no New Testament Command to practice law Tithing, (GIVING A TENTH OF INCOME).

Kelly: Then I cannot understand why you appear to support all who teach tithing and want to argue with those who do not teach it.

CWM: What I have said and will say is that when the Christian wants to give, the first right thing He can do, is look to the scripture to find out where to begin His giving, and the first amount, and overriding amount of free will giving, and Mandatory giving, that he finds is the example of 10%.

Kelly: Correct me if I am wrong. “You believe that Christians ought to “begin” their level of giving at ten per cent because you think that is where everybody in the OT “began” their level of giving.”

Let us go back to Numbers 18. Those who received the Levitical tithe were not allowed to own or inherit property in the land. That was a very clear principle. How do you explain that today most full-time pastors also own and inherit property?


G. Casey said...

With the health care about to pass and certain ministers still insisting on tithing... I don't get it at all. You thoroughly disproved it IN your book..documented historically the issue thouroughly. Ministers get a clue the tithe is tied to the JEWISH TEMPLE only... If there was a tithe to carry over in this dispensation it could only be THE THIRD tithe!

G. Casey said...

Be encouraged though..if there were exemptions with the Amish on the health care bill...perhaps church leaders can do something as well.