Friday, April 01, 2011

London Debate info


As many of you know, I just returned from what I consider an extremely successful debate on tithing in London, England, sponsored by Revelation TV and paid for by my good friend, Michael M.

I want to thank everybody for your generous financial support and prayers – especially Michael M. in London who paid for the airline ticket plus much more. The trip was far beyond my wildest expectations. Now I feel that I must return and bring my wife. Perhaps a local debate will be held at a town hall to sell tickets.

I met with three very influential men at Revelation TV and they all support our position. We have really made a dent into this false doctrine in Europe.

First, I am told that the debate will be placed on You Tube. I will advise details when I get them.

Second, the gallery at the station only consisted of about 40 people. You can see them on the video. Those on the right of the screen were his church members. Only a few were our supporters. I have reasons to suspect that many of the questions and phone calls were from other church members.

Third, although no winner was declared, I feel that I easily won. He basically conceded defeat when he admitted that the woman on welfare should buy insulin rather than tithe first. Even the moderator tried to coax a text out of him.


I stayed with Michael and his wonderful family. I arrived on Saturday and caught up on my sleep. Sunday evening we went to All Souls Church, a large evangelical church which teaches freewill giving. It was full with at least 600 people.

First, on Monday we went on the 8-9AM radio program with about 8 short segments. The radio announcer (John Pantry) and his female co-host were totally supportive of our freewill giving emphasis. The woman was so pleased to hear our message that she was almost giddy. After that program I taped a 20 minute segment with the early morning wake-up announcer who said “I thought all churches taught tithing” before the program began. I have not heard this program or its response.

Monday afternoon we rode the sub-way trains (the tube), double-decker buses (they run every few minutes) and the London Eye (huge Ferris wheel on the river). I was frisked before getting on the eye and promised not to try and hi-jack it to Georgia.

On Tuesday morning they took me to Windsor Castle and sight-seeing. It was an incredible experience and now I must go back with my wife. The city is safe, clean and the buildings have soul (class). The streets are very narrow but I saw no accidents.

Tuesday evening found us back at Premiere Christian Radio where the phones and emails had not stopped buzzing from the previous morning. The director of the station greeted me and thanked me. The 4:30PM show was a straight 20 minute format with a pro-tithe preacher calling in to challenge me. After telling the station how vehemently he disagreed, within 5 minutes he was agreeing with me and the two radio announcers (a different man and woman) were rolling their eyes in disbelief. After the show I heard “That’s not what he said when he called in.” It was great.

After the Tuesday program, they took me to see a huge three story mall and later Tesco (owned by Walmart). Then we ate supper and got in very late.

Wednesday morning I slept late to be fresh for the debate. Since I had been preparing for this debate for years, I had done my prep before arriving in London.

My opponent had notes scattered all over the table and I had one stack and a few books I never referred to. He quoted from his IPAD and I quoted from memory. I felt very confident during the entire debate. Your prayers were behind me.

Friday, April 1, 2011 -- 2 days after the debate. Wow! Things are moving fast. No thanks to the horrible Atlanta Airport and a serious accident on I-75N which delayed us over an hour, I arrived back home needing sleep.

Revelation TV is already selling the DVD for $12.00 including shipping:
Revelation TV
Genesis House
Cocks Crescent
New Malden
United Kingdom

Rob Fox, our Tithing-Study Group owner, will announce his results soon.

I would like to use the audience statistics to try to get on TV here. Perhaps this will open the door.

P.S. They only pay 10% tax for national health care. The only complaint is long waiting lines for many surgeries which might cause one to die first.


Doralynn Kennedy said...

I just watched your debate on tithing on Revelation TV. I live in the U.S., so I watched it online. I just wanted to show you my support. I was applauding all your well-reasoned, scriptural replies. Excellently done. Thank you.

Tommy said...

Hi mate, glad you enjoyed your time in England but please visit places like Durham city, York, the Lake District or Northumberland coast next time, London is only 1 city and there is not much English about it nowadays. As for Tesco, its owned by Tesco, I suspect you got it mixed up with Asda which is owned by Walmart. Rev tv has gone a bit dodgy with some of its best presenters leaving due to it signing up prosperity gospel bods like jesse duplantis. all the best.