Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Spot a Liar

How to Spot a Liar, by Russell E Kelly
Most common Identifying Traits
More Traits Equal Higher Probability

1. Partial quotations in long articles.
2. Short quotations in long articles.
3. Ignores context in long articles.
4. Refuse to defend their position.
5. Refuse to answer questions.
6. Refuse to answer all questions.
7. Resorts to personal attacks.
8. Charges for most material.
9. Accumulates wealth by soliticing from the poor.
10. Refuse to share contrary material with their followers.
11. Are far wealthier than those who support them.
12. Refuse to identify themselves.

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elisa hill said...

thank you Dr Russell, what a breath of fresh air you are, have you read,or heard of Bob Trench, a south african home church leader who has writen a book against tithing, he mentions a man who had tithed all his life, but when he fell into financial difficulties the church refused to help him, he would have been better off putting it into a bank even these days!.Looking forward to wathching you on revelation t.v.God bless you and your ministry.