Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Atheism2-June 2, 2010

"“A... See More” gap? I just bought an 1100 page college Biology textbook stressing evolution to better inform myself. Contrary to what you claim, there are gaps everywhere between every major kind. There are thousands of gaps. How many solids lines of evidence do you have that one species changed into another species? You cannot even prove that great apes and chimpanzees and humans are linked."

There are many gaps in evolution. However, there is also evidence that evolution (of man from animal) actually happened, by studying the DNA. Pseudogenes. There are many evangelical scientists who fully accept biological evolution of man from animal because of the evidence in our genes. Even man evolved from animal, or God designed it in such a way as to deceive us into thinking so (which would make God a liar and deceiver). The DNA evidence shows the footprints of travel between species. There is more evidence in DNA besides just pseudogenes, too. But pseudogenes are enough to demonstrate it beyond a reasonable doubt."

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