Sunday, May 02, 2010

Atheism: Does God Hear Everey Christian's Prayers

Salvation is by grace through faith alone. Since there are over 200 major denominations God must allow us to differ in many areas as long as we agree on the inspired method of salvation. A Mormon, JW, SDA, Catholic, etc may disagree son a lot of non-vital things and still believe that God saves by grace through faith alone.

I have just read about 6 different atheist evolutionists. They all agree on evolution but seriously disagree about when man suddenly received his advance brain. What is the difference? You agree on evolution. We agree on salvation by grace through faith. You disagree on many points of evolution. We disagree on many points of theology.

You cannot criticize us without criticizing your own “religion.” I just bought a college textbook on Biology, Sixth Edition, by Raven Johnson. The Preface, page xxii, reads “In addition to the extensive revisions of the ecology, evolution and botany sections … we have thoroughly revised the rest of the text as well.”

Don’t you dare tell me what a “settled” science you have? I paid only $2.00 for this textbook because it had to be revised again!!!

You guys do not have your act together either.

You asked “Is God giving positive signs to Mormons, even though Mormon theology is heresy?”

Yes, God has Mormon believers who sincerely worship Him to the best of their ability just as he has believers in other denominations.

How about atheists? Do you all agree on child discipline? Homesexuality? The death sentence? Why not? You have had millions of evolutionary years to cull out the wrong and disagreeable group thoughts? Your “god” is much more feeble than is ours.

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