Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tithing and Justification by Faith

There is a connection between the doctrine of justification by faith and tithing.

True biblical holy tithes were always only food (Mal 3:10-11) from inside God’s holy land of Israel which God Himself had miraculously increased. Tithes could not come from what man increased or from outside Israel. Not even Jesus, Peter and Paul qualified as tithers.

Imputed righteousness is all of Christ and none of us. It is called justification by faith. Dikaiosunee is the Greek word for both righteousness and justification. If the tithe came from what man’s skill and hands produced, then man could always remind God that HE had produced the tithe and God owed him a blessing.

Since the true tithe came only from God’s increase, OT man could not boast that God owed him a blessing.


tithe said...

I definitely agree with this. It's amazing how this principle can be universally applied to both tithing and justification. The only problem is trying to get people to come out of their box and see this as evidence.

I love when the pieces of the puzzle come together in this way. We hope that one of these little nuggets will stick somewhere in someone's brain and begin to incubate the truth instead of the lies.

- jared

Brian said...

That is such a teaching of man! God does not justify, man justifies. It is obvious you do not understand the true meaning of tithes.