Monday, May 03, 2010

Atheism: What do Christians agree on?

Tad: russell, just remember that there is not full unity in Christendom even on what should be the very basics of the faith. "Faith alone" being one of them. Scripture teaches no such thing, so be careful in mixing your personal (albeit modern) views of the faith with orthodoxy."

Russ: Why are you so quick to point out the errors of Theism and so unwilling to answer any of my “how” questions about your faith during the past month? You know everything about that which you disagree and little about what you want to defend. “The DNA proves it” proves nothing other than a common designer. Is that all you have to offer?

I can gather Catholics, SDAs, JWs, Mormons, Baptists, Mthodists and Presbyterians. They will agree: (1) that there is an Eternal Preexisitng God, (2) that they are sinners, (3) that they must seek God’s will for their lives and (4) that they must do their best to live a decent life. Why? By faith.

On the other hand atheists also agree that there was a mindless “eternal pre-existing something” about the size of a BB which superheated and exploded. So we both begin with FAITH in something.

Other than agreeing that (1) a mndless BB exploded, do all atheists believe (2) that they commit moral indecencies, (3) that they should seek ways to stop committing moral mistakes and (4) that they must commit themselves to being better citizens?

From there your existence is finite with no recompense for the most gruesome of crimes and sin (which really do not even exist in your theology).

There are tens of thousands of varieties of beetles –but they are still beetles. When are some of them going to evolve into something different?

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Josh said...

I can gather Catholics, SDAs, JWs, Mormons, Baptists, Mthodists and Presbyterians.

Intersting Mr. Kelly. You seem to fear the spread of Mormonism as evidenced by your open letter to Glen Beck and, (I may be mistaken so please correct me if I am)you have argued that Mormonism is not a Christian faith yet you include Mormons in your list of Chistians that you can get to agree on things.
To find out if Mormons are Christians visit or They are Mormon sanctioned websites so you can read what they really teach, not what Mormon haters dream up that they teach.