Friday, May 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Are you really a Mormon or do you play that game in order to keep stability in your marriage?

You sound very much like a conservative born-again Christian on radio and TV but I am afraid of you because I know what Mormons really teach. You seem to read and study the Bible more than the Book of Mormon.

You almost daily say that we need to know our American history in order to be saved as a nation. When are you going to either teach or refute the Mormon view of American history with its numerous FICTIONAL cities? You simply cannot have it both ways. You are the one who needs to admit that the Mormon REVISION of American history is wrong!

I love you and pray for you as a fellow Christian. Please do not let us down and begin teaching Mormonism. It will destroy the conservative hopes in this country and help the liberal cause.

Russell Earl Kelly, PHD
6610 Skyview Dr SE
Acworth, Ga 30101

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