Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reply to Atheist on Dog-Dog Rescue Video

Reply to Atheist 5-29-2010. Video of a dog rescuing another in heavy traffic.

ATHEIST: And I don't think the dog was given the ability to feel the feelings that compelled it to act from it's dog god.

Russ: You call what the dog did “moral behavior” but atheists teach that it was prompted by its pre-programmed DNA. Therefore a mutant gene RE-programmed the dog’s DNA to overcome its original DNA program for self preservation.

The final result of your argument is that nothing is really “moral” because everything an animal or person does which might reflect altruism is really accidentally mutation-driven DNA. In my opinion that makes you into a potential monster. Nobody knows when your mutant DNA will lead you to innocently commit some horrible crime (which is neither innocent, horrible nor a crime in your no-sin no-moral universe).

I don’t buy that garbage. You simply have an excuse to do anything you wish and not be personally accountable.

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