Saturday, July 09, 2005

Defining "tithe."

I am continually amazed how most of the Christian world defines "tithe" from Webster's Dictionary instead of the Bible. It weould be a real mess if they did the same things with other biblical terms. Of course they do! Jesus did not tithe! Think about it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tithing and Exposing Seventh-day Adventism

Hello, I am a 60 year old legally blind theologian, author, retirement home workeer who also likes to camp, hike and hang glide. My first book, Should the Church Teach Tithing? A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine appeas to be the first of its kind using seminary level principles to refute tithng in the New Covenant church. Ity has sold well on the Internet since January 2001.
My second book, Exposting Seventh-day Adventism has been sent to the publishers and will be available around the end of August 2005. It focuses on the crazy and very stupid doctrine of the Investigative Judgment, plus other discusions. I invite your conversations.