Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to Clean the Swamp in Washington, DC

How to Clean the Swamp
January 22, 2020

President Trump, Senators and Congressmen

If you really want to “clean the swamp” in Washington, D. C.,

1. Have Term limits: We need fresh ideas in Washington.

2. Reduce Retirement Pay: It is criminal how those who are supposed to represent us are able to retire in a few years with so much retirement pay.

3. Equal Insurance: Make those who make laws for us concerning available insurance also fall under their laws.

4. Stop allowing congressmen to vote for their own salaries. 

5. Supreme Court Justices: Have a mandatory retirement age of 80 or less.

Russell Earl Kelly, PHD
298 25th St Unit 2020
Ellijay, Ga 30540

Sunday, January 19, 2020


GOD EXISTS (Non-biblical analysis)
By Russell Earl Kelly, PHD
January 19, 2020

AMINO ACIDS are the first of many basic building blocks of life. While all possess carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, they have different additional side-chain compounds. Amino acid chains produce peptides, or proteins. For the following reasons, creationists believe that the design seen in basic amino acid protein-building proves the necessary existence of a Designer.
1. Useable amino acids in proteins only consist of “L”, or left-handed amino acids.
2. Amino acid peptide chains commonly contain 100-150 or more different amino acids.
3. The mathematical probability of assembling only left-handed amino acids demands a designer --- 10 to the 130th power.
4. This “chirality” (handedness) problem is doubled when peptide bonding between amino acids is considered because bonding compounds also exist equally between left and right-handed compounds.
5. Sequencing presents an even greater mathematical impossibility for random natural selection. While there are over 200 different amino acids, only 22 are essential for living cells. It is mathematically impossible for random chance to sequentially only select the 22 essential amino acids from over 200. This demands a Designer.
6. The simplest form of life has a minimum of 250 to 400 proteins consisting of 300+ sequential amino acid chains.
7. Therefore, at each of three steps the mathematical odds of building a single protein
are far beyond random possibility. Yet these are odds of building only one protein.  
8. The odds of spontaneous generation of one protein molecule is 1 +43. Yet each (simple) cell contains thousands.
9. Crediting DNA and RNA with the ability to selectively assemble amino acids and bonds into proteins reflects the pre-existence of a Designer.

APES AND CHIMPANZEES: Atheists teach that homo-sapiens (modern man) evolved from apes and chimpanzees and that we share 96% of our DNA. Creationists reply that this only proves a common Designer. It is very important to note that (1) The DNA trails of pre-homo-sapiens are all dead-ends --- none continue into homo-sapiens. That is, homo-sapiens appear suddenly in the fossil records with no predecessors. (2) The blood and body parts of apes and chimpanzees are not compatible for transplanting. (3) They cannot mate and produce offspring. 1-1-2020

APOPTOSIS: This scientific term refers to so-called evolving intermediate body parts from one species into another.  Creationists reply that (1) None have been proven to exist in fossil records. (2) None currently exist in or own time which is frozen in time and should reveal many examples. There is no such thing as half an eye, half a lung or half a feathered wing. (3) The creatures involved would be extremely vulnerable to destruction and extinction. Lack of transitional forms is also in the plant kingdom. 1-1-2020

ATHEISM: Atheists teach that there is no eternal God. They also teach that something must be eternal – energy, matter or both. Therefore, they also have something eternal which theists call God. Atheism and modern science cannot answer the questions, “How did life begin?” or “Does life have any purpose?”

Atheism does indeed have its own gods --- eternal energy, eternal laws, and/or eternal random amoral matter, ERAM. Its fanciful use of the term “natural selection” simply means “random meaningless purposeless existence.”

Atheism teaches that “only matter exists.” It fails to explain how random chemical reactions in the brain can produce extra-matter such as thought processes. It cannot help us in life’s most difficult moments.

BIG BANG: Until the last half of the 20th century science textbooks taught that the age of the universe was infinite. Only after microwave background radiation was measured did the current age of the universe change to 13.8-9 billion years in scientific circles. Edwin Hubble’s telescope demonstrated that the universe is still expanding.
        Wikipedia says “When the universe was just one-thousandth of its current extent … only plasma existed. [Even further back in time] stable nuclei can’t form. [Even further back] protons and neutrons can’t form. … The entire universe was the size of a peach. … we understand this by high-energy physics. … At the "peach epoch," the universe was only a tiny fraction of a second old (10^-36 seconds old). …

At even earlier times, though, our understanding of the universe gets … fuzzy. … Our knowledge … isn't up to the task. ... Earlier than 10^-36 seconds, we simply don't understand the nature of the universe. The Big Bang theory is fantastic at describing everything after that, but before it, we're a bit lost. Get this: At small enough scales, we don't even know if the word "before" even makes sense!
spikes. … Who knows what's going on? … If not, they're just bedtime stories.
Problems with the Big Bang theory:
1. All stars and galaxies should be almost equidistant from the spot of the Big Bang.
2. All stars and galaxies should be travelling at almost the same speed from the same explosion.
3. With no overwhelming residual matter to create gravity, gas continues to expand after an explosion. It does not re-condense into stars.
4. Recent observations contradict it.
5. Too few galaxy rotations (40-50) and too short a time for Milky Way to be spiral.
6. Greatly varying distances between galaxies cannot be explained.
7. The asymmetry of the universe is illogical.
8. What would cause an inert cosmic egg with all the mass in the universe to explode? Inert should remain inert.
9. A burst of energy brings into existence an equal number of electrons, positrons, protons and antiprotons. Yet there is an extreme dominance of matter over antimatter.

BLACK HOLES: What really are black holes? Current scientific theory says it is the extremely compacted remains of an exploding star which draws in all matter and light in its vicinity. This sounds a lot like the matter which exploded in the Big Bang event. Are scientists going to tell us that the matter in black holes will eventually explode again?

CELLS: The nucleus of every cell contains more data than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Yet the one-cell amoeba has more genes than human. There are 5375 DNA nucleotides in a very small virus and there are 3 million in small single-cell bacteria. There are 200,000 different types of proteins in human body. It is beyond possibility or credibility to teach that this complicated single-cell life came into existence spontaneously.

CHICKEN-EGG CONTROVERSY: The ancient question “Which came first? – the chicken or the egg?” is far more complicated to evolutionists to explain by random amoral matter. The question affects millions of their theoretical conclusions. For example, which came first, the cell or DNA? The cell or its essential parts outside a wall? Male or female? Trees or seeds? Male and female fish or female eggs requiring fertilization? Flowers requiring long-beak birds for fertilization, or long-beak birds? Mammal whales which gave birth head-first, or otherwise?
The cell cannot be alive and functioning without all of its parts, but the parts cannot exist separately. Which came first? DNA cannot function without 75 pre-existing proteins. Which came first?

COMPLEXITY: The simplest amoeba is almost infinitely complex with billions of genes and more genes than humans. It must have a wall, DNA, RNA, food, reproduction, etc. It cannot exist without all of its parts.

CONSCIENCE: the CONSCIENCE is a moral divider between humans and animals which material-based evolutionists cannot explain.

CREATIONISTS: Atheists want us to think that creationists are not intelligent persons who reach false conclusions about the existence of God.
Question, “If natural selection creates the thoughts of our mind, why did it create inside us the need to worship God?”
Many founders of modern science were Christians: Bacon, Sir Francis -- experimentation and inductive reasoning; Bell, Sir Charles -- mapped the brain and nervous system; Boyle, Robert -- law for gases; Copernicus, Nicolas -- math of planets orbiting the sun; Culver, Georges -- comparative anatomy; Dalton, John-- modern atomic theory;
Descartes, Renee -- mathematician, scientist and philosopher; Einstein, Albert – theory of relativity; Fabre, Jean Henri -- modern entomology; Faraday, Michael -- physics, magnetism; Joule, James -- 1st law of thermodynamics; Kelvin, William T -- 2nd law of thermodynamics; Kepler, Joannes -- laws of planetary motion; Maxwell, James C --electromagnetic theory of light; Mendel, Gregor -- father of genetics; Newton, Sir Isaac -- Law of Gravity; the most original thinker in history of science; Pascal, Blaise –
probability studies and hydro statistics;
Pasteur, Louis -- germ theory; Pauling, Linus, biochemist (twice Nobel Prize winner); Von Braun, Wernher – rocket and space technology.
In 2004 Antony Flex, world’s most notorious atheist, accepted the existence of God because of DNA research. “There is a God”

DEATH: What is death? Is sit merely the end of life which begins recycling into a new form of life? Is there nothing for mankind after life? If there is nothing, there is no need for morality.

At the moment of death, all the chemistry is still there, but the life is gone. We do not know what the spark of life is. It is not an innate quality of matter.
If the universe were not designed, why does it appear to be designed?

DESIGN: Theists believe that nature reveals the existence of God because of its incredibly complex design. Earth and life on earth are the best examples. Whether one uses an electron microscope to research the smallest things on earth or uses a highly sophisticated telescope to research the expanse of the heavens, extremely intricate design is everywhere. The premise that non-life cannot create life rules. Laws seem to have existed before matter. Examples of evolution from simple to complex do not exist; examples of complex to simple are common. If the elements which are necessary for life on earth are changed slightly, life as we know it on earth will be eradicated.

DNA is the written encoded instructions for life in every living cell. While cells have many thousands of different functions, each cell contains the same DNA in its particular organism. Humans, flies, worms, and many simple plants have over 20,000 genes.  plants. This cannot be explained by random amoral non-intelligent matter.
        All living plants, insects and animals share similar DNA proteins. Bananas share 60% of their DNA with humans. Which came first, the DNA which brings together unfathomably precise proteins from simple amino acids, or did the amino acids organize themselves beyond all odds to form DNA? All DNA is deteriorating because of copy errors; it is not becoming more sophisticated and complex.

EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS: Instead of being a truly scientific endeavor to investigate all possibilities, modern science is almost a closed system which expects evolution to be taught in all public educational facilities to the exclusion of all challenging ideas. Even the different arguments of fellow atheists are not presented in most educational textbooks.

ENERGY: Atheism teaches that energy cannot be created. This would make energy eternal and it would make energy the “god” of atheism. The stars could not have been burning forever. Since energy is not life, it cannot create life. Since energy is not intelligent or moral, it cannot create intelligence or morality. Atheism creates more problem that it solves. If the Big Bang is correct, why did energy become compacted and explode? What infusion of outside energy caused the explosion? Why and how did energy arrange itself and create life? Since atheists claim that only matter exists, are they defining energy as matter? Atheists disagree with most astronomers that the universe had a beginning.

ENTROPY: S {\displaystyle S} S = k B ln Ω . {\displaystyle S=k_{\mathrm {B} }\ln \Omega .} The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases over time. Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy.

EQUILIBRIUM: The existence of equilibrium is evidence of a “first cause” or eternal Designer God.
Equilibrium occurs where there is a state of balance between opposing forces. In a theoretically closed system, equilibrium means that a moving object would continue moving indefinitely and a non-moving object would never move. Only outside forces (such as heat, wind, pressure or God) can change the equilibrium of either moving or non-moving objects. This is also evident in Newton’s First Law. When considering atheism’s claim of “densely compacted matter” exploding at the Big Bang, the matter which exploded must have previously been out of equilibrium in order to explode. If it were inert or at equilibrium, some outside force would have been required to make it explode. If it were already out of equilibrium, some explanation must be given to explain its state of flux.  The concept of an eternal God makes much more common sense.

EUKARYOTE: Any cell or organism that possesses a clearly defined nucleus. The complexity of the simplest cell is so far beyond explanations from non-intelligent, amoral is ludicrous to theists. Most simple cells contain:
1. centrosomes organize and regulate cell activities
2. outer cell membranes
3. cilia for movement
4. circulatory endoplasmic reticulum
5. mitochondria to provide energy
6. lysosomes to digestive
7. peroxisomes to oxidize in digestion
8. golgi to secrete waste and harmful material
9. all contain extremely complex and long chains of proteins from long chains of right-handed amino acids in unique sequences.
10. nuclear membrane that surrounds the nucleus
11. well-defined DNA chromosomes (bodies containing the hereditary material); ribosomes
12. again, non-intelligent random amoral matter cannot create something more intelligent than itself

EVOLUTION: Contrary to what atheists want us to believe, evolution is only a theory and not a law. It cannot be demonstrated in laboratories. It is not a physical science such as physics or chemistry in which theories become law by being verified.
Evolution reduces mankind to the chemicals which make up our bodies.
Why would plants or lower creatures need to (or even want to) evolve into creatures which would consume them? There is no evidence that any of 800,000 species of plants have become fish, birds or animals.

FAITH: Faith is essential for a belief in either atheism or theism. Atheists must have faith (believe) that an eternal, random, non-intelligent, amoral “something” created intelligent life and design. Theists must have faith (believe) that and eternal intelligent God is the cause of intelligent life and design.

FREEWILL: Atheists teach that only matter exists. They teach that thoughts and ideas are merely products of chemical reactions in the brain. If this were true, there can be no choice and free will cannot exit. It removes atheists from any moral responsibility or accountability and atheists cannot be trusted to hold accountable positions in society.

FUSION is the opposite of nuclear disintegration and what supposed occurred at the “Big Bang” event. The theory teaches that only hydrogen (the simplest element) existed when electrons and protons formed from quarks after the Big Bang. The heat and gravity of stars would next “fuse” into the second lightest element (helium). Because own star is not large enough or hot enough to “fuse” heavier, all heavier elements must have come for far larger stars as they exploded over and over. This is the theory which explains the existence of all elements created by fusion larger than helium. In our planetary system, only Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars contain heavier elements.
        Beginning with heated hydrogen, each second the Sun converts (by fusion) 700 billion tons of hydrogen into 695 billion tons of helium releasing gamma rays which in light and more heat. In 5 billion years, when our sun’s hydrogen is used up, it will become a Red Giant. In another 5 billion years, when its helium is used up, it will become a white dwarf.

HOMO-SAPIENS: Atheists teach that mankind evolved from primitive man, apes and monkeys. However, DNA tests reveal that these all dead-end and do not continue towards homo-sapiens. The fact that heart-valve transplants are from pigs rather than apes does not indicate that apes are the nearest living relatives to homo-sapiens. Only man can formulate ideas and express them in words. There are more than 5000 genetic differences.   

HOMOSEXUALITY: There is currently no solid evidence that genetics influence homosexuality. However, while defective coding errors may contribute to homosexuality, common sense demands a conclusion that such was not part of the original species because of a lack of propagation.

KEPLER, JOHANNES (d1630) was a German astronomer, mathematician and astrologer. His book on the laws of planetary motion became the foundation of Newton’s theory of gravity. Kepler’s incredible third law is an extremely strong argument for design in creation. According to the third law, the square of the orbital period is proportional to the cube of the distance to the sun. Building upon Kepler’s theory, NEWTON showed that the gravitational force between any two objects is proportional to the product of their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. When applied to the motion of a planet around the sun, this theory explained all three of Kepler's empirically derived laws.
        Just as one does not simply place a satellite into orbit, neither did planets simple orbit the Sun. Each satellite or planet must meet very specific parameters in order to enter and maintain orbit. (1) the weight of the satellite/planet must be precise for (2) the distance of the orbit from the Sun or planet or moon, (3) the speed of the orbit relative to its weight and distance from the body being orbited and (4) the angle of entering the orbit is critical. Any variance of the four parameters would result in a loss of orbit. Thee odds of all four parameters being met randomly are beyond comprehension and demand an intelligent designer.

LAWS: Where did laws come from? Which came first, matter or the laws that matter obeys? Molecules come together in proper order only by obedience to the laws of chemistry. While atheism teaches that only matter exists, they have no explanation for laws which control matter. Theists teach that the existence of extensive laws proves the pre-existence of a Law-giver and Law-maker God.

LAW OF BIOGENESIS: This law was proven by Thomas H. Huxley in 1870. This law (not a theory) states that life only comes from pre-existing life. The theory of evolution (not a law) requires the violation of this law at some time in the distant past. Theism teaches that God is eternal and has always existed. Since laboratory experiments can neither prove nor disprove either evolution or creationism, neither can be called law.

The First Law of Conservation of Energy says that the total energy of an isolated system cannot be created or destroyed. 

LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (ENTROPY): Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy. All living things are deteriorating.

LIFE: Since life is not inherent in any form of matter, it must have a non-physical source. We begin life as a single cell the size of a period with billions of atoms and molecules. It takes life to create enzymes and enzymes cannot create themselves.

MAN: There is a non-physical, non-material, barrier between man and all other creatures.

MATTER: Atheism teaches that only matter exists. Yet matter consists of energy in the form of electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. Electrons and protons are charged particles. There could not be something from which everything came because matter is neither self-existent nor eternal.

MEANING: If the materialistic view is correct, there is no meaning in anything.

MIRACLES: While atheists scoff at the idea of miracles such as the resurrection of Christ from the dead, their own explanations of how the universe began and how life began in infinitely more difficult to believe than any biblical miracle. While denying that a previously-living body can return to life, they teach that all life came from non-previously living material which created itself through eternally existing energy or random non-intelligent amoral matter. If life can come from non-life, why can’t miracles be true?
Evolution teaches that living things evolved from non-living, to simple one-cell life to complicated miraculous princes of men and call it science. Christians deny that frogs become princes and scientists call that fairy tales. Christians call the appearance of energy and spontaneous generation fairy tales.

MISSING LINKS: Since Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, most of the scientific world has taught that fossil evidence proves that all life on earth evolved from one species into another from very ancient one-cell life forms. This assumed fact is extremely erroneous. The laboratory demonstratable fact is that there is only evidence of very diverse speciation within species. Subsequently, there are “missing links” in the fossil record between all known species. The evidence of science is that each species was created with its known recognizable characteristics. Since we are frozen in time, there are no known examples of species in the process of evolving from one species into another.

MORALITY: This is the weakest argument for atheism. If there is no personal loving Creator God, there can be no morality, no right or wrong and no such thing as good and evil.

MYCOPLASMS are most simple cells. With only 580,000 base pairs of proteins, 1040 nucleotide pairs for only 482 genes, mycoplasmas have the smallest genome of any self-replicating organism. The average protein has a chain of 347 amino acids. Theists believe that the possibility of such complicated organism coming into existence from random non-intelligent matter cannot be reasonable or logical.

NATURAL SELECTION is the scientific-sounding term used by atheists which simply means
“random non-intelligent amoral selection.” The so-called “selecting” is random without any intelligence involved. The concept is based upon the assumption that, given enough time, anything can happen and life happened by pure random amoral unintelligent eternally existing energy or matter, or both. The major problem with this term is that is assigns eternity to either pre-existing energy or matter, or both. Such become their equivalent to the “god” or scientism.

NON-MATTER REALITY: Atheists teach that matter is all that exists. They teach that the non-physical world of admiration, ambition, appreciation of art, and beauty, determination, expressing ideas in speech, fear, forming conceptual ideas, hatred, intuition, love, morality, motivation, self-sacrifice, spirituality and thoughts are mere chemical reactions among proteins in our brain and are not the products of non-material free will.
        Theists interpret non-matter reality as proof of an extra-materialistic spiritual Creator. While non-material laws exist, which is contrary to the “only matter exists” claim, ideas are not found in the physical universe. Science cannot explain life’s ultimate questions. If life is a random occurrence, then so are our thoughts and, if life is a random occurrence, then freewill does not exist. There is a huge difference between the physical brain and non-physical mind.

NUCLEAR BOMBS: According to Einstein’s formula, E (energy) = M (mass) x C2 (light squared). Therefore, M (mass) is a combination of E (energy) and C (light) squared and C (light) is a combination of E (energy) divided by M (mass).  This means that the energy released in nuclear bombs is almost the same amount of energy required to create the split atoms. Again, it proves that matter (mass) can come from a combination of light and energy.
This questions the atheists’ theory that only matter exists because matter requires energy and light to exist. The energy required to create atoms cannot possibly be eternal random non-intelligent amoral matter as atheism claims.
        One MEGATON is equal to the explosive power of one million tons of TNT (200 million pounds). In 1961 Russia detonated a 60-megaton bomb.

PLANETARY ORBIS PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. The fact that planets orbit the Sun is very far from being the result of random non-intelligence. Like satellites, the orbits of every planet are an extremely precisely calculated intelligent accomplishment which cannot occur randomly.
In order to orbit a satellite, a rocket must first lift it to the very specific distance above earth determined by its weight. The rocket next must accelerate the satellite into very precisely calculated orbital speed to keep it parallel to the atmosphere. Too slow would result in crashing back to earth and too fast would result in breaking away from gravity.
Isaac Newton discovered a gravitational law for orbiting. The orbits' sizes are in inverse proportion to their masses. For any specific combination of DISTANCE above the center of GRAVITY and MASS of the planet, there is one specific SPEED which that produces a circular orbit.
The odds of planets orbiting the Sun are impossible to explain by non-intelligent random occurrence. First, the planet must be at the exact distance from the Sun to enter into orbit. Second, the exact distance is determined by its weight. Third, the planet must be approaching the Sun at the exact angle required for it to orbit. Fourth, it must be approaching the Sun at the exact speed needed to maintain a circular orbit. In summary, four gravitational factors must precisely match in order for a planet maintain orbit the Sun: precise distance from the Sun, precise angle of entry into a precise specific orbit, precise speed for its distance and exact mass for the distance, angle and speed. Any deviation of these four factors would result in failure to maintain orbit.

SCIENTISM refers to atheists’ replacement of God with their own theory which requires more faith than believing in a Creator. Instead of worshipping God, they essentially worship science.

SENTIENCE: Theists use this term to refer to self-awareness of the existence of something greater than themselves (which is God). Sentience is the most striking feature of our own existence. This knowledge or “seeking after” appears to be in most human beings or homo-sapiens. Evolutionists cannot explain why a non-intelligent random existence from non-intelligent matter would evolve a desire to seek a higher power than oneself.

        The fossil record reveals no examples of intermediate transitional forms of life in transition from one life form into another. Yet, while we are literally frozen-in-time, there should be countless examples around us. Complex life cannot be assembled in parts and the parts cannot exist separately. Also, the DNA itself would have to be changed. For example, evolving from fish scales to feathers could not simple “just happen.”