Monday, August 26, 2019

SDAs Teach That Jesus is Antichrist in Dan 8:9-14


In 1973, at the age of 29 and marred with 2 small children, I became an SDA, quit my job and moved to Collegedale, Tn to study for the SDA ministry. This 4-year degree was achieved in 3 years because of a summer schedule and cost me much in lost sleep working a full-time job and repaying student loans. I accepted a call to North Dakota and later South Carolina. My third church in South Carolina soon grew to overflowing capacity because of my success in soul-winning.  I was an SDA fanatic and found it easy to lead Christians to abandon their previous faith and follow the “truth.” Believe me, I have been in your shoes.

Why did I become an SDA? First, the Southern Baptist’s erroneously teach that “the Ten Commandments are the unchangeable infallible will of God.” Second, the SDA evangelist lied to my face by saying “EGW is not considered as inspired as is the Bible.”

My erroneous logic was “If I have been so wrong about the Sabbath, then perhaps I have been wrong about the other SDA doctrines also.” Upon that false premise I totally immersed myself into SDA theology.

The Southern Baptists’ statement about the Ten Commandments was unbiblical. Except for the Sabbath, all of the other 9 are repeated to the Church after Calvary in terms of the New Covenant. According to Exodus 31:13-18, the 7th day Sabbath of the Law was only a unique sign of the Old Covenant God mad only with national Israel. In fact, He commanded Israel NOT to share its covenant with others.

The SDA evangelist was wrong. One cannot become an honest SDA without accepting EGW’s writings as equally inspired as the Bible. My website documents hundreds of EGW errors and the very worst of them is the Investigative Judgment.  

You ask me to be objective.  I take Daniel 8:9-14 and explain it word by word exactly as SDAs explain it in their commentary and Bible dictionary. I objectively conclude that YOU teach that Jesus personally DEFILED the heavenly sanctuary every time He BEARS sin into it via His own blood! And that is exactly HOW EGW explains the cause of the defilement of the heavenly sanctuary!!!! I then ask you to reply to my deductions in a word-for-word explanation of Daniel 8:9-14.  And YOU un-objectively refuse to do so and call me “un-objective.” SDA theologians are all cowards.

In the final chapters of The Great Controversy, EGW says that Jesus Will KILL all who have the Mark of the Beast (?worship on Sunday?) when He returns.  That will include me if you are correct. Yet you expect me to treat your church with respect when your church has no respect for honest God-fearing God-loving faith-full persons as myself.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior decades before becoming a Seventh-day Adventist. The Holy Spirit convicted me as a sinner; I confessed my sins and sinfulness; I accepted Jesus as my sin-bearer and Savior and I asked Christ to save me.  According to His Word, I was saved; my confession and repentance was accepted and I was truly “born again”. Since it is impossible to become “unborn,” I cannot fall from grace because the Holy Spirit is incorruptible.

If you want honest dialog, I ask you again to explain Daniel 8:9-14.  EGW never attempts to explain those texts.

In Christ’s love
Russ Kelly