Saturday, May 05, 2012

Yet Another Honest Preacher on Tithing

Because of Russell's book and many other books like that I have had to repent of the lies of tithe I have fed my church with. …

As a preacher that has heaven in mind, I have to apply wisdom henceforth to stop teaching tithing in my church so they don't see that I have been teaching them lies for so long. … It's all based on taking advantage of the people's ignorance in the word of God and many other things. I will encourage every believer to study carefully this subject and especially take time on the subject.

We preachers are not honest with this subject because we want money to sponsor many of our lifestyles and therefore we have to use scriptures that favor us and not balance the truth. The problem of many of us is with don't want to leave option for a second thought of what we believed and we believed what we know is true and it must not be wrong. This is unlike Christ. I will urge (…) and other tithe teachers to consider in their heart if eternity is their goal to back one step back and consider in his heart if truly he is not manipulating the bible verses just to support himself and this tithe teaching. I will also commend (…) Russ Kelly and the likes for their good job. God bless you all.