Monday, August 02, 2010


such still does not validate tithing of money to gospel workers because ---

1. The Law defines tithes as only food from inside God’s holy land of Israel which He had miraculously increased (Lev 27:30-34).
2. The Law does not accept tithes from what man increased or from outside Israel (Lev 27:30-34).
3. The Law commands that the first whole Levitical tithe be given to the Levites servants of the priests (Num 18:21-24).
4. The Law commands the Levites to give one tenth of the tithe they receive to the priests (Num 18:25-28).
5. The Law requires OT priests to kill anybody attempting to enter the sanctuary (Num 18:7, 22).
6. The Law requires those who receive Levitical tithes to forfeit property ownership and inheritance (Num 18:20, 23).
7. The Law requires a second tithe (20% total) to be eaten in the streets of Jerusalem during the 3 annual feasts (Deu 14:22-26).
8. The Law requires a third tithe every third year to be kept in the homes for the poor (total 23%) (Deu 14:28-29).
9. The Law would not permit Gentiles to tithe either to Jesus or to the Temple system (Deu 7:2).
10. The Law’s application did not allow money with images to enter the Temple –thus the money-changers (Mt 22:20-21).

THEREFORE appealing to the Law to justify tithing among New Covenant Gentile Christians still does not justify a changed definition and application of tithing.

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Keith Butler said...

Brother Kelly. Some years ago, I came across this biblical insite concerning tithes and you can't imagine how much "hell" has been raised over such a sound and logical biblical teaching. I do believe that it is apposed by the leadership because it keeps them from having to really show faith in God's ability to provide for their ministries vs. their ability to push guilt and make the membership responsible for providing for the ministries needs. I think the laity will not cut loose from the idea of O T giving because they are fearful of going to "hell" for not giving. (and these are grace believers with out the deeds of the law) Most laity have been blindly walking along believing what they have been told and not understanding the scriptures for what they actually say........It truly is a sad state of affairs that so many will not study to see what it is that Heaven is declaring. Instead, they would prefer to leave this up to the leaders and suppose that they will give an account if they are spreading mis-leading information. While the bible clearly states, "they both shall fall in the ditch". We as believers must be determined to truly have a "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ in our daily practices (including asking him for a greater understanding of his word and his divine will for our lives). Continue to be faithful and allow the Spirit of Christ to rightly divide the word of truth.