Wednesday, July 06, 2016


By Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

Our U.S. F. B. I. director publically said that they found no evidence that Hillary “intended” to commit a crime. That is a lie!

The U.S. government uses our taxpayer money to provide secure email servers for its employees to use specifically for classified emails.  There is a reason for this – our national security and personal safety! It is a 100% fact that the U. S. Secretary of State routinely receives Top Secret, Secret and Confidential emails – and Hillary knew that to be true. Therefore, WHEN Hillary Clinton deliberately (willfully, presumptuously) CHOSE to disregard known protocol requiring government employees to use secure servers, THEN she incriminated herself and clearly “INTENDED” to break the law! Such is extremely evident!

Moreover, the F.B. I. director stated that she “should have known” her actions were harmful to our country. Hers Are not the actions of a “reasonable” person. If a former U. S. Senator and former U. S. Secretary of State, either these words are incriminating or else Hillary Clinton is mentally incapable and unqualified to be President of the United States.

The F. B. I. director added that she was indeed only guilty of being “extremely careless.” Guilty or not, if “extremely careless” is a valid description of Hillary Clinton, then it should also be a valid disqualification for President!

What next? Has a precedent been set? Will other government employees follow her example and disregard secure servers? Will they be held innocent also because they did do in ignorance?

If Hillary Clinton is admittedly “extremely careless” regarding classified emails, what kind of president would she be regarding much more classified information. I do not want an “extremely careless” person to be president.

The FBI said that 110 classified emails went over her personal server: 8 Top Secret, 36 Secret and 8 Confidential (do the math!). As a former member of the U. S. A. F Security Service with a Top Secret Cryptographic clearance, I would expect to lose my security clearance and be severely disciplined upon committing similar violations – whether accidentally or willfully. “Extremely careless” would not be accepted in a military tribunal.

Ignorance is no excuse! If a person kills another with a presumed unloaded gun, that person is minimally guilty of accidental manslaughter; knowing the gun might be loaded adds malice. Conversely, when Hillary Clinton allowed her personal server to process classified information, she is minimally guilty of leaking classified information; knowing that classified information most likely would appear on the unsecure server makes her willfully guilty of a high crime. Hillary is guilt of INTENTIONAL abuse.

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