Thursday, June 03, 2010

Atheism June 3, 2010

Bernie: …”there are obvious copying errors recorded in DNA. You can't have copy errors without descent! And there's no reason for God to create man from scratch but include errors from lower forms of life. This is what makes it so obvious that man evolved from animal rather than being a separate creation from scratch.”

Russ: Let me see if I understand your point. You say that “If God had started from scratch (even though using some pre-existing workable format) then He would have corrected the copying errors in His new creation of homo sapien.”

Isn’t that the same logic Windows uses every time they come up with a newer operating system? Wasn’t 98, XP and Vista supposed to correct the mistakes of their predecessors?

You argument has validity only if we assume that the first homo sapiens were created with absolute physical and mental perfection. However Adam was created with the “propensity” to sin. Sooner or later he would have sinned. Why? Perhaps because he was created with some of your “copying errors.” Perhaps God deliberately did not want to create him as a robot.

Bernie: …”there is a movement amongst the evangelical scholars to fully accept evolution,,, as God's chosen way to create."

Kelly: I would like to know exactly which conservative denominations they belong to. My gut tells me that they are really moderates or liberals masquerading as conservatives.

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