Thursday, June 24, 2010


Atheism: Once upon a long long time ago something as small as a BB had eternally existed. Although it had no intelligence and laws to guide it, it must be the same as a “god” because it always existed.

Eventually this BB-god superheated for no reason and exploded into a huge helium-gas fart. This new fart-god still had no intelligence or laws guiding it.

By pure dumb chance this fart-god kept superheating and re-farting until there were heavier elements everywhere which very much later evolved without intelligence into atheists. That is how THEY explain life!

The rest of us explain intelligence by believing in an Intelligent Creator God.


nullifidian said...


Atheism says nothing about the big bang.


Atheism is the answer to a single question: "do you believe any gods exist?" If the answer is anything other than "yes", you're an atheist (from "a-" [not] + "theist" [believer in gods]).

The rest, including your pathetically fatuous strawman, is smoke and mirrors.

If you're happy to equate your gods with a singularity, go right ahead. But that doesn't make anything *our* god, just because you say so.

I'll say it again: You FAIL.

Read a book other than scripture. You might learn something. Something useful.

Russell Earl Kelly said...

And why does atheism say nothing about the big bang? Because it does not dare to go there. College textbooks on Biology which teach evolution often also teach the big bang.

The point is that atheism is forced to teach that something always existed. Whatever that "soemthing" is, is their god.