Monday, April 05, 2010

Atheism Debate 4-5-10b

Russ: "Abraham had enough faith in God that God would somehow work it out."

Bernie: No- Abraham lied when he told his son that.

Russ: And you know the hearf of Abraham?

Berniei: I think if you'll look at the morals of the god of the bible, you'll see he comes up short. And the reason for that is because god was made in man's image, not the other way around.

Russ: Interesting. If God were made in my image (1) He would not have allowed Satan into the garden, (2) he would have destroyed mankind long before Noah’s time and (3) He would have kept you in touch with me for the last two years.

Bernie: .. and men were more morally immature then compared to now.

Russ: That is highly debateable.

Bernie: That's why they had slavery and oppressed women.

Russ: I honestly believe that the world today is much more debased.

Bernie: Now we have equal rights.

Russ: To debase ourselves with infinitely more debase drugs and actions.

Bernie: .. because it is morally correct to do such."

Russ: After you explain Isaiah 49:5-6 and 53:4-12 I look forward to changing the discussion to your atheistic definition of morality. Who are you to tell me what is moral?

The other day you wrote that you “loved.” What is that? A chemical reaction which evolved by mindless accident? Don’t answer now. Answer after we have finished with Isaiah 49:5-6 and 53:4-12. I really do “love” you ad plan to fight tooth and nails until you see the truth about a loving God.

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