Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Atheism: Group Mentality-1

To Marie

I highly value intellect and educated discussion. Ask Bernie. I do not appreciate your technique of sending me to other sources. I want you and Bernie to explain why my logic is wrong.

I am trying to use your own logic to find holes in your conclusions. You should do the same to mine.

For example, you discussed group or pack mentality. Let us say that, after eons, some genes mutated by change to produce animals, insect and fish with pack mentalities. Each generation must be superior (faster, smarter and healthier) than the previous generation because the slow, stupid and sick are the first eaten and destroyed. This works fine with animals, insects and fish.

Why has group-pack-morality not worked with sentient homo sapiens? Why hasn’t eons of evolution removed the slow, stupid and sick? If group mentality promotes the survival of moral members because moral members help the group survive easier, then why have not the immoral been pushed back in the gene pool eons ago?

Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. The liars, greedy, selfish loners are culled our of the group populations of antelope, wolves, fish and insects in every generation.

Homosexuals do not reproduce. Most morons and two-headed humans do not reproduce? Why are they still around in the group mentality? At what point will they disappear from the gene pool?

You talk about less and less gaps every year. Now that is one book I will buy and read! The very fact that species of animals, fish, insects and humans are clearly distinguishable from each other (botanists recognize and name them) proves to me that the gaps between species still exist.

Have you seen any dogs mating with cats lately? How many monkeys mate with humans?

But the fact is, the more we learn, the fewer gaps there are for god to fill in."

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