Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eternal Matter is the Atheist's god

Bernie to Russ: Russ, I didn't understand you first point, where you say:
"god already existed 17 billion years ago as a BB-sized something."

Russ: Do you not believe and teach that matter is eternal and that the Big Bang began with “something” exploding about 17 million years ago? If I am wrong, please tell me how you believe what we see around us all began. If that matter is Eternal, then it is your concept fo god.

Bernie: How can an atheist have a god when they claim there are no gods?

Russ to Bernie: Oh, but you do have a god. You call it Mindless, Amoral and Eternal = MAE. That is exactly how you describe your god. Not much smarter than Ellie Mae of Beverly Hillbillies.

Isn’t it neat that we both begin with an Eternal god? The major difference is that mine is Moral and Intelligent and yours is Amoral and totally incapable of having any intelligence. Both are Eternal.

I have provided a few scenarios which I think are impossible for atheists to explain. There are books full of these and I find more every time I watch the Science channel or read National Geographic. Are you going to explain any of them to me? You have evidently read all the intellectual answers and been convinced by them. Is that not what convinced you that there is no God? – atheists have the best answers?

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