Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morality: Atheism vs Christian View-3

To Bernie

If your answer to “What is the meaning of life?” is “heavily atheistic” then the only possible logical answer must be “There is no meaning to life.”

1-- Theists began with a “moral God.” Simple to find morality.
1-- A-theists must begin with an a-moral “something” eternal.

2—Your eternal a-moral “something” (for no reason) exploded and produced hydrogen gas. A theory built on hot air.

3-- At some point your “amoral hydrogen-something” superheated many times to fuse into heavier elements.

4—After eons something “living” by sheer chance emerged from your “amoral soup of elements” and eventually mindlessly evolved into what you dare call sentient moral beings.

Sorry, but it takes more faith to buy into that fairy tale than to believe in a preexisting eternal moral God. The mistakes in the Bible are nothing compared to the mistake in your theory.

What a-moral force keeps you from cheating on your wife or keeps your wife from cheating on you? Oh, but it is not “cheating” or even “sin” –so nothing is wrong with it. Your logic can only lead to moral chaos.

If you expect to convince me of becoming a moral atheist you must first prove to me where and when in the evolutionary accident morality originated.

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