Thursday, April 22, 2010

Evolution from My Viewpoint

One Upon an Evolutionary Tale

The atheist’s god is Miss “Mae” – Mindless-Amoral-Eternal who is very highly evolved.

1. MAE-god already existed 17 billion years ago as a BB-sized something.
2. MAE-BB-god got really hot one day and exploded into billions of giant helium gas clouds.
3. MAE-HYDROGEN-god then superheated and exploded billions of times to produce heavier elements by chance fusion to make a soup of all elements.
4. MAE-SOUP-god then produced primitive LIFE by pure chance. An unduplicated feat.
5. MAE-SINGLE-CELL-god was so complex that it defies logic and mathematics. It requires much more FAITH than belief in a moral Creator.
6. MAE-MULTI-CELL-god appeared by chance mutation after eons of time.
7. MAE-SEXY-god appeared as a (?necessary) improvement to separate reproduction into male and female. Would it not be easier to merely keep on having sex with itself?
8. MAE-FISH-god has millions of distinguishable separate fish species even though fish sperm for all species is found in all ocean-lake water. Yet one would expect only one kind of fish after eons of intermingled fish sperm.
9. MAE-AMPHIBIAN-god decided to crawl out of the ocean and exchange gills for lungs. It also decided to replace unfertilized egg-laying with fertilized hard shell eggs. Did the gill-lung exchange and the soft-hard unfertilized-fertilized egg changes come gradually or suddenly? Evolution cannot explain this.
10. MAE-has absolutely not explanting about what came first –the chicken or the egg?
11. MAE--BIRD-god shed its scales for feathers and decided to fly in order to survive. Yet its predecessors still survive quite well.
12. MAE-LIVE-BIRTH-god decided to stop laying eggs and give live birth. Again, whether this came gradually or suddenly is not known. Evolution cannot explain this.
13. MAE-WHALE-god decided to crawl back into the ocean while keeping its lungs and live birth. This was only possible if the live birth was tail first. Evolution cannot explain how they survived without changing the method of birth immediately after entering the water.
14. MAE-HOMO SAPIEN-god finally arrived after eons of stooped biped-hairy-fixed-thumb mutation accidents with other species. By chance the male and female evolved at the same rate and at the same place and found each other on earh.
15. MAE-GOD SEEKER-god suddenly at the top of the evolutionary ladder, this MAE seeks after a replacement for itself in the form of an Intelligent Moral Eternal God.
16. IME-God will finally arrive as the ultimate Creator to replace MAE. That appears to be the trend of evolution. Man realized how fine-tuned the Universe is and how fin-tuned he is.

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