Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morality: Atheism vs Christianity-7

Russ said: "Animals do not sit and meditate about who and what they are and why they are here. Animals do not seek a higher intelligence and have worship rituals. But YOU, Bernie Dehler, have been made in the image of God.

Bernie: We do that because of the advanced cognitive abilities we have.

Russ: So you admit that it is our “advanced cognitive abilities” which make us different from animals and make us curious enough to seek a Creator. Therefore the most advanced evolved amoral creature finally reached the point in evolution where he/she realized that there must be more to life than chewing on a bone and playing fetch.

Bernie: We don't chew on bones like puppies do because we don't have their kind of teeth.

Russ: Really? Is that the only reason? I wondered why I don’t feel the urge to chew on bones. It is simply because I don’t have the right kind of teeth. Wow. Some logic.

Bernie: The other animals don't contemplate deeply like we do because they don't have our complex brains.

Russ: Again, according to your own amoral evolution docrrine,
the more “complex” we become, the more we realize that there must be more to the meaning of life. Perhaps the next step in human evolution is to reject secular humanism.

Bernie: But they do have enough brain power to make social rules, show altruism, show intelligence, and show love. And you must think it is all pointless for them too.

Russ: Therefore the more evolved one becomes, the more one realizes that there really is a difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Complex intelligence suddenly decides that it is time to seek a Creator because life has no meaning otherwise. God is love.

Bernie: I just recognize that our lot is the same as the animals, even though we have the creativity to invent god(s)

Russ: Listen to yourself. “We have the creativity.” Secular Humanism makes MAN God! And when man fails, man sees himself as a failure and seeks for meaning in a Creator God other than himself. You are making my argument stronger.

Bernie: … esp. to comfort us in the face of the psychological terror of contemplating non-existence, because our survival instinct is very strong.

Russ: God put that seeking into you. You have no cure for psychological terror because MAN is evil and devours his own kind. You contemplate non-existence because you see no logic in existence. Survival makes no sense if you are only the result of eons of amoral mindless accidents so you seek sense elsewhere in a Creator God.

Bernie: It is god who is made in the image of man. Jehovah is the tribal god of the Israelites. The newer manifestation of the Jesus god is for everyone."

Russ: Really? Then why does Yahweh command decadent mankind to obey a set of MORAL laws which are beyond their own ability to obey? Would you make a “god” in your own image who tells you to do something which is far more moral than you desire to be?

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