Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morality: Atheism vs Christian View-6

Bernie to Russ: Did you also notice that animals have everything to a lesser degree? They are also self-aware, show love, altruism, etc.

Russ: Animals do not sit and meditate about who and what they are and why they are here. Animals do not seek a higher intelligence and have worship rituals. But YOU, Bernie Dehler, have been made in the iamge of God.

Bernie: (but they can't live forever according to Christian theology- that's only for humans). The difference is we have a more complex brain so we are smarter.

Russ: You are much smarter than your arguments sound. Again the “difference” is that “homo sapiens” have been created in the image of God.

Bernie: We have a choice, be an optimist or pessimist. There is much to experience in life with a positive attitude

Russ: No you don’t. Using your own doctrine, you are the product of amoral unintelligent soup and you are only what your genetic makeup allows you to be. If your genes allow you to be positive, you will be positive. If your genes allow you to be negative, you will be negative.

Bernie: Some people think it is ironic how some Christians cling to every second of life as possible, yet they are supposed to believe in a coming eternal paradise. I guess it shows they don't really believe it."

Russ: The answer for me is that I want to accomplish more before I go ahead to meet my departed loved ones. On the other hand, for you everything is final. No future, no seeing your lost loved ones, no hope –just turning back to dirt.

My friend, Bernie -- YOU love. You KNOW that you love. You know deep down inside that it is RIGHT (beyond genetics) to be faithful to your wife. You know deep down inside that it is WRONG (beyond genetics) to murder, steal and lie. That, my dear friend, is the “image of God” within you screaming for attention. You are not really an atheist because you love, care for others and are a really GOOD person. You are more than the sum of your genes and you know I am right.

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