Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morality: Atheism vs Christian View-1

Bernie Dehler: What is the meaning of life?

First, Christian missionaries do not serve “for the greater hope of gaining heaven” unless they do not understand that salvation is not obtained by one’s own good works. The statement does not describe true Christianity.

Second, what is happiness? Is it a chemical reaction caused by eons of evolution? If that is true, then happiness is genetic. How do secular humanists explain the exisence of “happiness” and “love”?

Third, are animals “happy” when they are well-fed, safe and “contented” with food, safety and shelter?

Fourth, is human “happiness” different from animal “contentment”? If so, is it proof of the existence of a soul and a Creator God?

Fifth, your example of a secular humanist is selfish and self-serving rather than self-less-ness and the desire to serve others. How does evoution explain the desire to help others in order to gratify self? Is this found outside of humans? If not, does it prove the existence of a Creator?

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