Friday, April 23, 2010

Eternal BB god

Russell said: "Mindless Amoral dirt cannot produce love, intellect or morality" is incorrect.

Michael replied: Mindless religion cannot produce intellect, morality or true love.

Russell: If that religion comes from an Eternal Moral God, then it cannot be mindless.

If your logic begins with an Eternal BB-sized glob of amoral “something”, then you must prove to me how that evolved into intellect and morality. That Eternal amoral “something” is your Eternal god. Since I begin with an Eternal Moral and you begin with an Eternal amoral BB, the proof falls upon you.

Michael said: Only exercised intellect and compassion produce morality and love. "

Russell: Whatever intellect and morality exists must come from a previously existing creator or giver of such intellect and morality. It makes no sense to believe that non-intelligence can create intelligence. Can you explain to me how a handful of lifeless dirt created intelligence and morality?

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