Thursday, April 22, 2010

Atheism: Science Explains

Marie to Russell: By sending you to "other sources" are you talking about my suggestion that the scientific research can be found by a Google search? That is merely to point out that I'm not making stuff up, as there is solid research behind my claims. I'm not clear on why you wouldn't appreciate that.

Where do you get your information that liars, greedy, selfish creatures are culled out of the group populations of antelope, wolves, fish and insects in every generation? I don't believe that is true at all. Weak and sick, yes. That is true. But not greedy or selfish. I don't think this a common belief. If you can direct me to a "source" I would be happy to look at it.

Russ: O. K. I will limit it to the weak, sick and stupid non-team players. Your argument should apply to negative criminal gangs also.

Marie to Russ: The "gap" I was talking about was the gap in our knowledge of how things work. I'm not sure how you made the jump to the gap between species.

Russ: What is the difference? You act as if you know how the species are so distinct without having millions of in-the-process-of-evolving links.

Marie: The phrase "god of the gaps" refers to using god to explain any phenomena that cannot be explained some other way.

Russ: Every time I look at the Discovery or Science channel I see more and more proof that God must have created because evolution has no answers. You cannot even tell which came first: the chicken or the egg. How did the first whale decide to give life birth tail first? How did a gill-breathing sea creature develop lungs and crawl out of the ocean? How did an egg-laying creature decide to give live birth? Why did an amoeba or paramecium decide to stop dividing and become male and female. There millions of these things which are much easier explained by creation than evolution.

Marie: Many, yourself included, claim morality comes from god. If this was 1510 instead of 2010, I might be agreeing with you. However, in 2010 I find very satisfactory scientific explanations for things that would have been considered miracles, mysteries, or punishments back in 1510. And I find excellent scientific explanations for moral behavior.

Russ: You keep using examples from the past as if trying to insult theology. May I remind you of examples of “science” in the past which were every bit as insane. Please argue from the present.

Marie: The more we learn about how the world works, the less there is to attribute to "the work of god". That is not to say that there are not still a lot of unsolved mysteries out there!

Russ: Again, the Science channel adds more and more unsolved mysteries to your theory every day and makes me secure in mine.

Marie: But certainly you will grant that science has explained some things that used to be mysteries.

Russ: For every mystery science explains (and I love to see that) there are 10 deeper evidences of God revealed. The great wonder of it all -- an Artic tern or ocean turtle can migrate thousands of miles to the same beach or nest better than our vast technology and GPS usage.

Marie: I rather think that overall, atheists are as moral in their behavior as theists, maybe even more so. I'll stand toe to toe with you in a moral battle any day.

Russ: Amoral unintelligent gooo cannot create a moral being. Any moral decency you have comes from a moral God. Non-intelligence cannot create intelligence no more than a hammer, nails and pile of wood can build a house.

I am legally blind and limited on the amount of reading I can do. If you want to give some video links I will be glad watch them and critique them.

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